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By Marcia Martinez, D.M.D.
November 14, 2019
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: dental implants  

if you are missing one, two or more teeth, dental implants could be your tooth replacement solution. Placed into the jawbone by your Orlando, FL, dentist, Dr. Marcia Martinez, these dental prosthetics truly resemble and perform as real teeth do. Would you like to learn more?

When you lose a tooth...

A process of deterioration begins:

  • A smile gap is created. It impacts self-confidence, eating, speaking and the integrity of remaining teeth.
  • Your gums and bone begin to resorb, or shrink, almost immediately. Dear Doctor says you could lose up to 25 percent of both within the first year after extraction.
  • It's harder for your GI tract to digest food.
  • Facial features age when you lose multiple teeth as bite height collapses and skin sags and wrinkles.

Choosing dental implants

You can when your Orlando, FL, dentist determines you're a good candidate through a complete oral examination, X-rays, and a CT scan. Good overall and oral health is essential as is sufficient jaw bone density to sufficiently anchor the implant device.

A dental implant has three parts: a titanium screw which resides in the jaw bone, a metal post and a porcelain crown. Together, these components form an artificial tooth which is strong, long-lasting, able to bite and chew and something else: dental implants actually improve jaw bone integrity.

How can a tooth replacement do all that? The secret lies in titanium metal. Human bone actually wraps around the titanium implant screw. Together with the rough implant surface, titanium and bone engage in osseointegration. It takes many weeks, but when complete, the dental implant is just as stable and durable as a healthy, natural tooth.

Also, if you've lost more than one tooth or need a full denture, implants can help. Dr. Martinez can custom-create a multi-tooth prosthetic, anchored by up to six implant devices, as needed. These bridges and dentures are exceptionally resilient and stable.

Living with dental implants

Most dental implant patients report their quality of life improves after completion of their treatments. Daily care is simple: just brush, floss, and eat a tooth-friendly diet. Stop smoking, greatly reducing the chance of gum and bone infection (peri-implantitis). And, see Dr. Martinez twice a year for an examination and cleaning. Most people enjoy their implants for years and years.

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Your renewed smile starts with a friendly conversation and examination with your dentist, Dr. Marcia Martinez. You'll enjoy her kind manner and the information she provides. Call today for an appointment in Orlando, FL, at (407) 273-6620.