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By Marcia Martinez, D.M.D.
September 21, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Wisdom TeethWhile it should be a last option after considering all other tooth treatments, dental extraction is sometimes a necessary step to restore a patient’s oral health. When a tooth is safely extracted by a dentist, there is a better chance that it can be replaced with a permanent dental implant. Know the common reasons why a tooth may need to be extracted and schedule a dental exam with Dr. Marcia Martinez at her Orlando, FL dentistry soon.

Tooth Extractions
Extraction is a common procedure that allows your dentist to safely remove a loose or infected tooth from its socket. The area is numbed and cleaned so that you will barely feel anything. Because your dentist is handling the procedure, bleeding can be controlled and bone tissue can be preserved. The appointment only takes a few minutes, and you’ll have a chance to discuss tooth replacement options.

When Is an Extraction Necessary?
You should discuss any other possible treatments with your Orlando, FL dentist including root canal therapy and periodontal therapy. Here are a few cases when you may have to have a tooth pulled:

- A tooth has decayed down to the root and is very loose.
- Advanced periodontal disease has caused too much bone loss and periodontal therapy hasn’t been successful.
- A wisdom tooth is painful because it’s impacted or growing in abnormally.

After the Extraction Appointment
After a tooth extraction, your dentist may suggest a procedure called bone grafting. New bone tissue (artificial or taken from another area of the mouth) is added to the open hole to promote the growth of new bone tissue. Sutures are added to protect the bone and gum line as it heals. Be sure to rinse food and sugary liquids away from the exposed socket regularly to prevent gum disease or infection. In an ideal case, your dentist will be able to add a dental implant soon after extracting the tooth.

Schedule an Exam
Visit a dentist to know for sure if a tooth needs to be extracted or if it can be saved with a restorative treatment. Call (407) 273-6620 today to schedule a dental examination with Dr. Marcia Martinez at her office in Orlando, FL.