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By Marcia Martinez, D.M.D
December 30, 2013
Category: Oral Health

College Life: Bad Eating Habits and Oral Health

It’s no shocker that college students don’t have the best dietary habits. Quick meals and snacks are the main staples found in dorms rooms and at the bottom of students’ backpacks. Although schools are trying to offer healthier choices, students might not follow suit. It’s part of being in college—it’s personal freedom and a time to enjoy the college lifestyle. But don’t let bad eating habits weigh heavy on your oral health. Dr. Marcia Martinez, Orlando dentist, offers some great tips for the college students. Check it out below!

Worst Foods Found on Campuses

People have food cravings, and it’s okay to fulfill those cravings every once in a while, not every day. With restaurants, fast food establishments and 24-hour gas stations usually built close high-traffic area, such as a college, students are more likely to choose a piece of pizza over a bowl of veggies. Here is a list of typical “dorm” food:
  • Chips (simple carbohydrates)
  • Peanut butter (high sugar content)
  • Ramen (high sodium content)
  • Snack cakes (simple carbohydrates, high sugar content)
  • Granola bars (high sugar content)
  • Pizza (simple carbohydrates, high acidity)
Skip the bowl of ramen or PB&J, and enjoy a healthy, filling meal from your local cafeteria or dorm kitchen. Common dorm food snacks and quick meals consist of simple carbohydrates and a high sugar and sodium content. Carbohydrates and sugar are easily metabolized to produce cavity-causing acid that wears down tooth enamel, causing caries.

Tips to Improve Oral Health

At school, it’s hard to break bad eating habits. Your parents aren’t there to cook your meals or remind you to brush your teeth. You are completely capable of doing all of this yourself, but friends, campus events and quick meals and snacks can derail your oral health routine. To improve health and break bad habits, follow these helpful tips:
  • Brush twice a day
  • Pick health snacks such as low-sugar fruits and vegetables with a high water content
  • Limit sugar intake (snacks and beverages)
  • Try to eat two balanced meals a day
  • Drink water to wash away food particles
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste to protect against decay
  • Schedule regular dental appointments with your family dentist in Orlando, Dr. Martinez
We are happy when our patients try hard to eat well and maintain an oral hygiene routine. To avoid dental issues down the road, improve oral health now. Your Orlando dentist wishes you the best at school and hopes you come visit when you are home!