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By Marcia Martinez, D.M.D.
August 03, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Family Dentistry  

Do you want to keep your dental care simple by having one dentist for the whole family? You can if you visit Dr. Marcia Martinez in Orlando FL. She offers full dental services to patients of all ages and is dedicated to making your smiles last.

The Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

  • Convenience and ease: Because you have a busy schedule, every minute of the day is valuable to you and your family. Having a family dentist in Orlando for everyone simplifies your commitment to your oral health. It can mean fewer dental visits, which saves you time and money.
  • Building a rapport: When the whole family goes to the same office, it’s much easier to build a strong relationship with your dentist. You children can feel comfortable with central visits right from the start and through their adult life.
  • Care and comfort: Care and comfort are the foundations of Dr. Martinez's Orlando practice, where you and your family will be treated with kindness and respect whatever your age. Preventive care is the mainstay of their services, which means that you and your family will get routine examinations and cleaning. Family dentist Orlando residents like to schedule their six-monthly appointments in advance, so they never miss a check-up.
  • Reliable tracking: Because all the information about your family’s dental health in the same place, it makes tracking down any details very simple. That means you can keep track of your treatment and your child’s dental development.
  • Setting a good example: The last thing you want is for your child to feel anxious about going to the family dentist in Orlando. When they see you sitting in the dental chair, it becomes a positive experience for them.

If you live in Orlando FL and you’re looking for a family dentist, call Dr. Marcia Martinez at (407) 273-6620.