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By Marcia Martinez, D.M.D.
November 14, 2013
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Orlando   Infants   Cavity  
family dentist orlando flYou know how easily germs can spread. If you use your hands to cover a cough or sneeze, you easily pass germs by touching other things or people. Hygiene practices are becoming more important as the number of flu and the common cold cases rise during the drop in temperature.
To avoid spreading germs, you don’t share drinks or utensils, constantly wash your hands and use tissues to block those sneezes and coughs. People tend to practice better hygiene when there are babies around. Even when you aren’t sick, it’s important to use caution at all times, especially around babies. Why? Because studies show that saliva transfer—from utensils, cups or food—can increase the chances of your baby developing a cavity.

Saliva Transfer

You might ask, “How is that even possible?” Over the course of 30 or more years, dental professionals and researchers have been publishing studies that focus on saliva transfer. In your saliva, you can have cavity-causing bacteria (streptococcus mutans), and we all know how easily bacteria can spread. Simply blowing on hot food for your child can pass the bacteria onto the food, which your child will eat.
Babies and young children’s gums and teeth are in a developmental stage, so they are easily susceptible to bacterial infections. To make sure you don’t pass cavity-causing bacteria to your child, schedule an appointment with your Orlando, Fl dentist. Only if you have active tooth decay can you spread the cavity-causing bacteria. Get your teeth checked out, and think about scheduling an appointment for your young child. After infancy, children can still carry those bacteria until their permanent teeth erupt.
Your dentist in Orlando, Dr. Marcia Martinez, can give you the best tips to improve oral health for you and your child.
 Call or schedule an appointment to kick cavities to the curb.