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Dentist in Orlando, FL
Marcia Martinez, D.M.D.
5180 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, FL 32812
(407) 273-6620
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Patient Testimonials 

Dr. Martinez,

I want to thank you and Edna for suggesting that I come in for the Invisalign consultation. My teeth look fabulous now!
My teeth were crowded at the bottom and were hard to clean. I had always thought of getting them straightened. I didn't really want to do the traditional metal braces because of the metal look. I did look into getting the metal braces, and I was told that I needed to have a tooth extracted. I did not want that either. I was also told that my insurance would not cover invisaligns.
Well, in less than a year my teeth look perfect after my invisalign braces, my insurance DID cover them, and I did not have to have a tooth extracted. Best of all most people did not even know I was wearing braces which was important to me since have a job working in front of lot of people.

Thank you Dr. Martinez and your entire staff for my beautiful smile and your friendly service.
You all are the best!

Shelia Innis


Thank you Dr. Martinez, for recommending me to Invisaline. This is the best procedure that was invented. I would recommend it to anyone, because it really works. As long as you follow the instructions step by step then you will see results. I can say that my teeth are a perfect example of how good Invisaline works. My teeth were moving in every way and this product corrected everything. I feel very satisfied with the job done in the few months I've had them on. Thank you once again.

With Great Appreciation,
Mrs. Janet Ortiz

Gracias Dr. Martinez, por recomendarme los el Invasiline. Este procedimiento es lo mejor que se pudieron eventar. Yo se lo recomiendo a cualquiera, porque en verdad si funciona, siempre y cuando se siga las intrucciones al pie de la letra, el resultado sera satisfactoria. Yo soy un ejemplo de eso con mis dientes porque estaban bien torcidos y ahora e como deben ser. Estoy muy contenta con el trabajo.

Gracias Nuevamente,
Mrs. Janet Ortiz